Holton Records

Introducing Independent Record Label Holton Records bringing you a fresh new re-imagined, and fully researched, out-of-the-box thinking independent record label, putting the artists first, and label second.


The record label will be working with the artists and working for the artists, to help develop, encourage and produce good music, that will captivate and motivate an audience, to get involved with and support them and us.

Led by an industry professional with over 20+ years of experience, who has developed singers, musicians, and bands, and who has toured the UK several times, one thing is paramount the love and excitement of music, live gigs, concerts, and festivals, and our hands-on, experience in both Management, Development, Consultancy, and running a New Record Label, the work ethic is so important in the music industry, and with such a huge collection of Singers, Musicians, and Bands, around the world, it's not easy, so we encourage every client, and guide them, hopefully, the right way.

Currently building the label behind the scenes, all the time, working hard, to get it right, from day one and moving forward, with signed artists, bands already on board, the aim is to build a new type of label that both artists and audiences will be proud to be apart off and supportive with. Both Artists and Audiences part of a Family!

For updates about the label, our clients on our roster, or up-and-coming music releases, gigs, tours and festivals, planned, please subscribe to this website, or become a member of the website.


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