Holton Records is a new generation type of:

Independent Record Label, Owned and Run by a Trusted and Respected Individual.


Designed and created by industry professional, with over 20+ years experience, with managing, promoting, touring, press and pr, branding, and releasing music. Bringing combined talent and experience together to form a Record Label was simply a progression in his music mindset. Placing the Artists and Bands in mind, our ethos is to put the artists first and label second.

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Visit our Labels Roster of Signed or Published Artists/Bands, and visit our Music Releases. To find out more about our Label Owner visit his about page, and don't forget to Like, Follow, Subscribe and share our Social Media.


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Holton Records is always on the look out for New Talented Artists/Bands, to sign to the Label, we are currently looking to add to Roster.

For more information please check out our Label and Publishing page, or Services page.



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